MC EdTech Innovative Solutions LLC

Ceceilia Berkowitz, a Professor, Businesswoman, and SAT Math tutor, is launching a New EdTech App in conjunction with a 15 year old tutoring business founder, investors, and a tech team. Ceceilia knew it was time to contribute more millenial and Generation Z friendly EdTech to high school students getting ready for higher education. Education is a very popular field, and EdTech is more innovative and user friendly than other aspects of the industry.

Welcome to our business website!

We are in the EdTech industry,

making an ACT Prep App.

  Winter Deal through 3/15/2017

Please sign up on our new first business website:   with your email address to receive your choice of the following: 1. email of the first chapter of my new book on the technology and test prep in preparing for college 2. one 15 minute free phone tutoring session for the ACT or SAT math section 3. the opportunity to intern with our new business (from any location in the USA)

UPS / FedEx / DHL Shipping address: MC Innovative EdTech Solutions, LLC, ATTN: Ceceilia Berkowitz, 40 Mohawk Road, Short Hills, NJ 07078 USPS Mailing address: MC Innovative EdTech Solutions, LLC, ATTN: Ceceilia Berkowitz, 187 Columbia Tpke, P.O. Box 344, Florham Park, NJ 07932